Corporate Overview


Founded in 1994, Asasra Teknik Sdn Bhd has been over ten years experience in the field of telecommunication. As well-known 100% bumiputra company with registered trademark “HADAKO” & “HDK”, we aims to fulfill the demands of rapidly changing market by meeting customers needs based on state of the art of technology.



We specialist design and manufacturing company serving the needs of the Telecommunications Industry.With years of experience in all aspects of Telecommunications, ASASRA TEKNIK has a history of excellence in interface conversion and impedance matching products, with a strong emphasis on providing unique bespoke solutions for SS7 – G.703 interconnectivity.

Our range of products is under constant development, with new products being regularly introduced. If you need to connect a coax network to twisted pair equipment, look no further. If one of our existing products does not meet your requirements, we will work with you to design and manufacture a custom product, ensuring that the best solution is achieved.

Furthermore, based on the principle of honesty, reliability, mutual respect and benefits, we join together to form a beneficial supplying chain to enhance its competitive abilities and to offer customers with varieties of products and satisfied services before and after sales


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